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            Fight COVID-19 Together

              To help fight the epidemic worldwide, Wenwen technology quickly launched Smart Dual-core Temperature Monitoring Watch, with functions such as body temperature detection, fever warning, action track, back stage management, etc.; Using Belgium imported Melexis medical-grade FIR sensor, the temperature accuracy can reach ± 0.2 ° C. There is also one-button emergency help-SOS function, which can send help information and GPS positioning to 5 emergency contacts within 3 seconds.

              Wenwen Technology has the right to import and export and the second-class medical operation license. It exports smart health wearable equipment and various anti-epidemic related products, such as N95protective masks, KN 95 protective masks, disposable medical masks, disposable surgical masks, medical protective caps, Protective clothing, goggles, protective mask, protective shoe covers, medical gloves, ventilator, frontal thermometer, COVID-19 virus nucleic acid detection kit, disinfectant hand sanitizer, disinfectant hand spray, etc. Our company cooperates closely with large factories all over the country, and the CE, FDA, MSDS and other qualifications of the medical products for export are complete. So far, Wenwen Technology has formed strategic cooperation with many countries and regions around the world.

            Dual-Core  Pre-Sale  
            Temperature Monitoring Watch

            Dual-Core Temperature Monitoring Watch
            One botton SOS Smart Watch

            Anti-virus Masks

            N95 Protective Mask,KN95 Protective Mask,Disposable Medical Mask

            Protection Products

            Medical Protective Cap, Protective Clothing, Protective Mask,
            Protective Shoe Covers, Medical Gloves, Goggles

            Other Medical Supplies

            Ventilator, COVID-19 Detection Kit, Forehead Thermometer

            Cooperation Parter
            WenWen Technology has cooperated closely with many brand factories across the country and has formed strategic cooperation with customers in many countries and regions around the world.