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            How big the market will be?

            • Buffett is optimistic about intelligent jewelry, a blue ocean market of infinite profitability

            • In 2016, total shipment in global wearable device market was RMB 102.4 billion items, with production value over RMB 300 billion

            • In 2016, the production value of jewelry market in China was nearly RMB 500 billion

            • The intelligent jewelry ingeniously integrating jewelry and wearable device has become the popular investment spot under new economic situation

            • In the future, the market scale is expected to exceed RMB 800 billion

            What can we bring to the industry?

            • Integrate the resources in jewelry industry

            • Facilitate effective integration of jewelry and intelligence

            • Accelerate the upgrading and transformation in jewelry industry

            • Realize the IP-based jewelry designer and jewelry product

            • Lead the jewelry industry into the era of intelligent technology

            • Building business ecosystem for the whole intelligent jewelry

            • Create the global ecotype Internet of Things service platform

            • Assist Chinese jewelry to become international

            Join advantage and rights and interests

            6major advantages

            • Professional brand building
            • Efficient market promotion
            • Systematic product service
            • Strong technical support
            • Abundant channel resources
            • Thorough talent training

            5major rights and interests

            Build the most powerful intelligent jewelry platform in the industry
            • 01
              1.Agency income from regional agent development
            • 02
              2.Profit income from product sales
            • 03
              3.Preferential rights to enjoy initial share placement
            • 04
              4.Relevant service authority and preferential treatment
            • 05
              5.Profit and dividend income every year

            New favorite for investment
            Win-win in fortune making

            Join Wenwen Technology, light up your way to make fortune!

            Partnership eligibility

            • 1

              Possess corporate capacity and with fixed site for business operation

            • 2

              Highly recognize the business of Wenwen

            • 3

              Highly recognize the development of artificial intelligence Internet

            • 4

              With certain economic strength, good business reputation and successful track records

            • 5

              With strong responsibility as a social citizen

            • 6

              With strong local market foundation and marketability

            Cooperation mode

            • 1

              Cooperative project company

              On a regional basis, recruit the project partner to jointly establish a project subsidiary of Wenwen Technology

            • 2


              Apply to the authorized as the agent of Wenwen Technology in the name of an enterprise and public institution or in a personal name

            Cooperation process

            Contract negotiation and signing Scheme determination Scheme implementation Partner feedback Cost settlement Effect optimization and evaluation

            More reliable support

            • Certificate of registration for computer software copyright
            • US patent in intelligent gem and its preparation method
            • 8 patents in intelligent jewelry technology
            • Utility model patent certificate
            • 25 patents in gem technology

            Global partners

            Zhujiang Mobile Shehua Jewelry Shanghai Huili Industrial
            Guangdong Gold
            & Silver Jewelry Association
            Qianhai Precision Bio-Tech (TBC)

            Embrace the trend
            Fight for a bright future together!

            We look forward to your joining us!